Province Western Cape Date of event 22 February 2017
Educational district Metropole South Age group 7-10 years
Facilitator Tasneem Toyer
Name of event Mini Olympics
Type of event Sport code Sprints, Mini Soccer, Mini Netball &Tag Rugby
Number of educators participating Total 18 M 6 F 12
Number of coaches participating Total 1 M F 1
Number of volunteers participating Total 2 M 0 F 2
Number of support staff Total 0 M 0 F 0
Number of learners participating Total 160 M 104 F 56
Brief overview of the event
Four of the five schools competed in the final event – these being  Harvester Primary,  Yellowwood Primary, Searidge Park Primary and Springdale Primary. They competed in four different sport codes namely; 5-a-side soccer, Mini Netball, 80 Sprints and tag rugby. Our main focus this term was working with foundation phase learners, getting them involved in inter-school events which they hardly get exposed to. Age 7 to 10 learners participated in the above mentioned sport codes, and this day was all about them having FUN! As they are the ’babies’ of their schools, we decided to do the activities in a competitive manner, but at the end of the day, each learner received their certificate of participation and a winner trophy to take back to their schools. I can proudly say the event was a huge success, with the help of the educators of course.
Highlight of the event
Seeing how the little ones faces lit up when they saw the trophies and certificates on display, and this became a motivation for them, which was amazing. It was awesome hearing them tell us that they are going to play their hearts out to win a trophy.
Hero of the day
All educators, who made this day possible and enjoyable for their learners.