Province Gauteng Date of event 25-26/05/2017
Educational district D14 Age group 25-47
Facilitator Zee
Name of event Young Heroes Primary Schools  PE Training
Type of event PE Teachers training Sport code Soccer and Netball
Number of educators participating


63 M 19 F 44
Number of coaches participating Total 5 M 3 F 2
Number of volunteers participating Total 0 M 0   F 0
Number of support staff Total 0 M 0 F 0
Number of learners participating Total 0 M 0 F 0
Brief overview of the event
The LO Educators from the Young Heroes Primary schools and three DBE Districts were invited to take part in a Physical Education Training workshop. The workshop took place over two afternoons on the 25th and 16th June at Lakeview Primary school.

The training included a theory session by Mr Ntuli the DBE Curriculum Coordinator and his team and a practical session. The practical session included the IDEAL coaching method and the Second Term CAPS topics and activities for Grade 4-6

Highlight of the event
Educators were keen to extend their knowledge of physical education and were excited about how to implement activities referring to the CAPS topics for Term 2.