Province KZN Date of event 10 March 2017
Educational district iLembe Age group 06 to 14
Facilitator Xolani Banda
Name of event Young Heroes Mini Olympics (5th Year Primary schools)
Type of event Inter School Sport code Athletics
Number of educators participating Total 8 M 2 F 6
Number of coaches participating Total 6 M 6 F 1
Number of volunteers participating Total 1 M 1   F 0
Number of support staff Total 3 M 2 F 1
Number of learners participating Total 96 M 48 F 48
Brief overview of the event
Sakhuxolo Sports center just outside Nyakana Primary was a  buzz with cheers and chants as the KwaDukuza’s 5th year Young Heroes Primary schools met for their 2017 edition of the Mini Olympics event final. Passion and excellence were the order of the day for the learners on the race track as they all gave us nothing but their best athletic performances.