Province Hardop Region Date of event 12 February 2016
Educational district Directorate of Education – Hardop Region Age group 18-55
Facilitator Lydia Hartzenberg, Benjamin Jansen, Hope Mayakwa and Rejoys Sabbattah
Name of event Health and Wellness Night. Your Health Our Priority
Type of event A social and motivational event Sport code



Brief overview of the event
The event was hosted by the Directorate of Education Hardap region to share information about health and living a healthy lifestyle.  There  were medical staff that attended and did presentations on certain diseases like sugar diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. Sportstec were invited and asked to do a fun activity with all those in attendance.  There were survivors of gender based violence that  were also present and shared their story of abuse and how they overcame it.
Highlight of the event
When Sporstec did the fun activities, the guests were laughing and interacting within one another..  We did a quick and short activity, using the the theme song of Sportstec Ayoba, where they touch their heads, knees and toes every time. It was difficult for some of the participants to get up quickly and that made it more  fun.  They had to sing the song along as well. The director was present and his colleagues from the E.U were very impressed. Our activities were well accepted, participated in addition to us creating awareness about the programme.
Hero of the day



Number of educators participating Total 7 M 4 F 3
Number of coaches participating Total 5 M 5 F
Number of volunteers participating Total M F
Number of support staff Total M F
Number of learners participating Total M F


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